Marika Krook is a singer, actor, composer and a producer—constantly inspired by the beauty and the arts, she shares her talents through many creative mediums.

Marika is a Swedish-Finn (a minority in Finland), born in Sweden but lives in Finland. Her children are half Italians so at the kitchen table there are 4 languages: Swedish, Italian, Finnish and English.

Marika has a very broad artistic view. As a singer her repetoar is rock pop, etno music, jazz, blues, musicals, operetta, opera, lieder and contemporary classical music.

As an actor she has done leading roles in musicals, drama, comedy in theaters, television and movies. Her acting skills are in comedy, action (skills in karate and as a child she was more of a boy than a girl), drama (roles with strong characters with a personality built on many layers). Her favorite actress is Ingrid Bergman.

She composes film music where she captures a mix of classical music, pop and folk music into paintings of feelings, like landscapes. Her trio Millennium performs this music.

Producing has been a natural cause in her life. She recognizes brilliant ideas and knows how to build a great team and bring an idea to life.

Whatever she sets her soul, body and mind to do, begins to take form. She start by doing what’s necessary then doing what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

Marika loves to be with her family and is a “Muumi Mamma” at home. Crazy about food with a passion to cook. She loves to paint big, colorful paintings. She lives in the moment, while looking ahead to future creations. Carpe Diem!

Videos of Marika

Marika Krook at Club 27 Show as Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse

Marika Krook with Helena Lindgren and Jorma Uotinen in Passione